My Perfect Bath set

Taking away the stresses and strains of day-to-day life, Quartz Spa harnesses the healing powers of quartz crystals. Water is a great conductor and amplifies their high vibrational energy to elevate and enrich.


Set the mood by burning a Crystal Clear Quartz Spa

Aromatherapy Candle, matching the same uplifting fragrance of the bath oil, this beautiful candle will enhance the

ambience of your bathroom.


Prepare My Perfect Bath Quartz Spa Massage Oil, a

bewitching sensuous crystal and aromatherapy blend, that truly pampers and relaxes the mind and body. Simply add three or four pumps of the oil to a warm bath lie back and soak for 20 minutes, closing your eyes. The heavenly scent coupled with the crystal-infusion will help body and mind enter deep relaxation.


Wash away with Quartz Spa Aromatherapy Body wash.

Wash away the strains of the day with our gorgeous

aromatherapy infused body wash and relax…

Quartz Spa Perfect Bath Collection


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